You Look Like A CHILD!

I may be a bit late to have my say on this topic, but after seeing some of the pics that has crossed my screen in the last few days I think I need to voice this opinion of mine; and where better to do it than on my very own blog… It’s just my opinion, take it or leave it, either way… ☺

The trend that I’m referring to is the one with guys feeling the need to show off a bit of ankle in their finely tailored, slim fitting, highly polished suit.

But why guys, why? Why ruin a perfectly good outfit with the sight that makes one think (or me at least) ‘Was that on purpose? Did he forget his socks? Has he been gym-ing his ankles that hard at gym?’ Who knows the reason to this travesty of fashion..?

Let’s have at this picture below – this suit seems so well put together until you make your way to the bottom of it all – and then, such a shame…


Now compare that to the picture I have below. This look! The style! The class! The socks! Ahh yeah, the socks! How I love socks. Now don’t mistake me for some weird sock fetish guy; the socks I love are not your ordinary, plain black, everyday boring socks – no no no – the socks I’m referring to are those outbursts of colour, the subtle hints of style. The socks I love are an accessory to a suit not just a part of it.

Instead of showing us your ankle to draw a bit of style (whilst sacrificing every ounce of class) to your suit why not get creative and show us a bit of that personality you’re clinging on to so tightly. Show us a little more than the tailoring skills of neighbourhood seamstress.

I have a little funky sock collection of my own, if you look back at some of my previous posts you would be able to catch a glimpse of a few (go check out the post on my cousin’s wedding).

Now tell me, which looks better? The funky socks or the no socks? You know my answer ☺

Have a great day people!


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