Hi Guys!

Ahh what a wonderful day it is. I feel myself buzzing with energy and all the life this planet has to offer. Just to put this into perspective, I am a pluviophile, and today is something magical! 😊

Last week I was doing some random research and came across a new trend or fad in the nutritional world. It’s called monomealing. I’ve heard the word before but never sought more info on it, well not to the extent that I have in this last week. It seems like people have mixed opinions on this trend but today I’d like to take a swing at it. 

Monomealing is the consumption of a single food for an entire meal. This could be bananas, avocados, peaches, pineap. Well, you get the point… The idea behind this is to (basically) give your digestive system a break, some time off. You see, different macros (protein/fat/carbs) require different enzymes for digestion which could mean an upset stomach/heartburn or another form of tummy trouble. So, to avoid this and put your digestive system back into optimal performance, for one meal in the day you’re eating nothing but the one (typically fruit) you’ve set your mind on. You eat the food slowly and savory it. Let the flag ours roam around in your mouth and allow full activation of your tastebuds. This way you get to truly enjoy the fruit and your body won’t allow you to overeat. Your body will let you know when it’s had enough. 

Where monomealing gets its bad rep from is when people try to do this for an extended period of time. People will eat bananas day-on-day and find that they have nutritional imbalances. Now c’mon, really?? You didn’t see that coming? Psssht! 

With all that being said let’s get onto the benefits of this new trend:

  • It’s easy to digest, like I’ve explained. 
  • It helps identify allergies, through your body’s reaction to the food. 
  • It’s a simple way to eat. 
  • You appreciate your food more. 
  • It hydrates the body (fruits are filled with about 9/10 water). 

So that’s a rap. I personally give this trend a thumbs up. I’d recommend doing this for one meal a week and take it from there. My personal food choice…

Haha 😊 Just a final word, don’t monomeal with crap! No pies, no pastries, no sweets! You’re going to completely miss the point of this…

Have a great day people! 😊


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