I’m Back!

I sincerely apologise for my absence over the past two weeks or so; it’s been rather hectic.

I’ve started a new occupation as business intelligence at a major logistics company. It’s been hectic with meetings’ with clients, a trip to Durban (South Africa), setting up my office and trying to get myself settled-in, among other things… with that being said, I do think I owe you guys an apology, so that’s what this is, one big-ass apology; I’M SORRY J


I promise from today on I will be more dedicated to the site and ensure frequent posts, on whatever the topic may be, to keep you guys entertained. J

In my next post I will give you guys an update as to what’s been going on in my life; so for now I just hope the 350+ readers I have are still eagerly awaiting more intelligence and a break away from reality…

Happy Friday!


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