Brewer’s Yeast

Top of the morning to all of you! What an incredible morning this has been. I had the most amazing drive to work; watching the sunrise with the silence of the morning filling the air.

Remember in my previous post I mentioned the guy working in my office that used to be a hard-core gym-goer? Well today I’m going to talk about one of the nutritional tips he had shared with me; after doing my through research, this yeast stuff is legit!

So, a little intro…pinterest_brewer_s_yeast_01.jpg

Brewer’s yeast is a fungus used in the production of beer and read and so has an obvious bitter taste to it. It is a nutritional powerhouse rich in chromium, b-vitamins and amino acids. It is also considered a probiotic; used to aid in digestion.

It is about 53% Protein and 20g out of the 43g of carbs being fiber.

The health benefits:b-yeast-nutrient-profile

  • The chromium helps to metabolise carbs, fat and protein and hence helps to reduce blood sugar levels. It basically converts the food you eat (particularly the carbs) into energy rather than storing it as body fat).
  • With 53g of protein (on average; this may vary from product to product) it is great for muscle recovery – use this as a nutritional supplement – add it to your smoothies (just be wary of the taste).
  • B-vitamins also help convert our food into fuel, allowing us to stay energised throughout the day; each b-vitamin has its own specific benefits; read more about it here…

Like the Yin has the Yang, there are some side effects of the yeast:

  • Excess gas
  • Bloating
  • Migraine-like headaches

With this being said, I really do believe the pros outweigh the cons but of course this is up to you.

I recommend you guys give this a chance; I’ve been trying this for a few weeks now and the results are honestly great; they will surprise you.

Add a tablespoon to a glass of water and stir until completely dissolved; have it on an empty stomach and work your way up from one to two servings per day.

Hope the rest of your week is great; I’m off to Durban tomorrow for another business trip!



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