Her Name is Lola!

Good Afternoon Readers.

’tis the season to be jolly! its finally here!

Welcome, December!

This past weekend saw my girlfriend and I go horseback riding in the depts of Pretoria. Cullinan. After having purchased the voucher over a month ago we finally had a weekend where we were in Johannesburg and had a day free; so what better to do than to ride a horse through some bush, road and open field in the afternoon sun.

After having an early start to my day (hitting the gym) and coming home to make pancakes (a staple on a Sunday morning) we hit the road. Just over 100km later – having tortured my car on strips of dirt road, travelling through forests and farm – we arrived! 🙂2016-12-13-photo-00001867

Without any delay – because we made it just in time 😀 – we jumped out of the car, walked straight through to our horses and jumped right on! My horses name was Lola. A name that seemed to have slipped my girlfriend’s mind, insisting it was Lollipop. It wasn’t. Man can she argue a moot point! She just refused to accept the horses name! Nevertheless, her name is Lola!

The experience was such an awesome one; it was my first time travelling on horseback 🙂 Man were we sore after the 90-minute journey – thank goodness I hadn’t done legs the day before!

After the ride we sat down to an early dinner at the stables then headed back home – a quality hour-long drive staring at the sunset in the countryside. What a day. What a blessing. I’m so thankful for all the wonders this world has to offer and thankful i got to experience this one with My One.fullsizerender

I’d highly recommend this as a couples day/morning/afternoon out to all those seeking a relaxed and serene adventure; go check them out – Adventure Horse Riding, Cullinan.

Hope you guys are having a blast of a festive season!

Be safe!


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