Golden Milk

We are 2/3rds done with January! Already! The first of 12 parts to this year is almost done; and what have you done? Have you made that lifestyle change to get healthy you’ve been promising yourself for the last 6 months? How are your New Year fitness resolutions going? I’m hoping all of you are answering positively to that.

Good Morning readers!

To help all of you with your “New Year, New Me” healthy habits I’ve decided to post about something I’ve been practicing for quite a while now. It’s become such a norm that it only occurred to me this week that this “trick” – if you will – could help so many with so many different health issues; or if not then to just make you feel all good on the inside and out. J

…and in walks the turmeric…


Golden milk is a drink that has been consumed for many, many years. It was developed in India and poses numerous health benefits to the human body, let me list a FEW for you:

  1. The main benefit would be its anti-inflammatory properties. There are so many diseases that relate to inflammation that’s you definitely won’t be able to name them all off the top of your head – I know I can’t. Google it; you’d be surprised. It has recently been hypothesized that every single mental illness stems from inflammation of a certain part of the brain. Food for thought…
  2. It builds immunity.
  3. Increases mucus production – relief from colds and the nagging cough.
  4. Improves digestion
  5. It is your livers best friend – it has the ability to prevent and reverse liver cirrhosis and fatty liver

So how do you make it?

There are quite a few recipes I’ve found that have variations of the recipe. I prefer to leave discretion with the creator; who else would know their taste buds better than they would? Ill list my recipe – yeah I have my own recipe – and you can alter it to suit your taste buds; here goes…

  • Half a cup of soy milk
  • A dash of cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper and Himalayan salt (maybe just under a dash of this – don’t want salty tea now right?)
  • A teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Half a teaspoon of ginger spice (or fresh ginger for an even better; more profound taste)
  • Half a teaspoon of turmeric

Bring ingredients to a boil and then let simmer for about 5 minutes.

Pour into a mug, allow to cool to a drinkable temperature, add a teaspoon of honey (I add half), stir and enjoy!

So that’s my recipe. This stuff is magic! Have it just before bed and enjoy the yummy-ness!

That’s all from me this week; hope your day is great!

Take care!


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