Lectin – What are you, bro?!

A work colleague of mine recently suffered a heart attack; he survived. This life changing incident is what brought about an interest in nutrition and how he can stay healthy and avoid another episode of this kind; exercise alone was, is, not enough. You see, Ronnie – the colleague I mentioned, was an avid gym goer. He was in the gym 5 times a week with the goal in mind of “keeping fit” – that worked out well… :/


Ronnie has been in close relations with all sorts of nutritional influences – this has helped our relationship grow tremendously. He regularly consults me and seeks my advice on everything health and nutrition related. Yesterday we had a meeting at head office and had lunch at their canteen; this is where he mentioned he had come across a doctor with claims that foods like goji berries, wheatgrass shots and soy (foods I thought were “super” for ones health) are actually detrimental and should be avoided. I looked at him like he just came out from under a rock…

Being the person I am, I decided to let the topic breathe, I needed to do some research to know what he was talking about. He mentioned that those foods drop the polyphenol content in the body. What?! Is that not an anti-oxidant? Is that not in direct contradiction to what goji berries do? Surely this can’t be right…

Long story short; the guy is right! 😕 :/

Polyphenols – an anti-oxidant that reduces/eliminates fatigue, high cholesterol and poor digestion – are found in many plants and plant based products. For an extensive list see the link below:


These little guys are what help with fat loss and a reduction in heart disease; and they come from nature! Now, like everything else in life, there is the other side of the coin…

Lectins – carb-binding proteins that act as a natural pesticide on many plants – are also consumed with these polyphenols. Lectins are toxic to the human body. They reduce nutrient absorption and can cause indigestion, bloating and gas for many people.

So while those three foods do have high levels of anti-oxidants, these will prove to be useless because they cannot be absorbed by the body. This fact made me sad. I don’t think overnight oats or Parkrun Saturdays will ever be the same again L.

Soon, the once sought after and loved wheatgrass shots and goji berries will be a forgotten concept in my household; and as for soy – that used to be a staple on Tuesdays (my meat-free days) – I’m going to need to go looking around for a quality (non-toxic) replacement.

Hope you guys found this newly discovered bit of nutritional info (to me at least) helpful.

Hoping you guys have a great weekend!



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