With summer making its way out whilst holding the door open for winter – let’s be honest, there are only two seasons in the year – the time for warmth and open fires is drawing near; and why not kill two birds with one stone? Let’s Braai! (Yes, it’s BRAAI – not BBQ!)Thinkstock-3.jpg

This past weekend saw the first braai take place at the new residence of my girlfriend and I. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing. We were both napping on the Sunday and woke up with the random craving of flame-grilled meat! Now this was much more of a process than normal. I had to assemble the grill from scratch – adding another hour till chow time and kicking my hunger pangs into overdrive.

I had connected with an old friend’s brother at gym over the past few weeks and every time he would suggest us getting a drink together, but with the whole moving house i just never had an hour to spare to make this happen, until now…

I invited Niven over. Turns out he is one of the coolest guy I have ever met. It’s always great meeting someone new but meeting someone thats as authentic and unapologetically himself as he is is not something you come across everyday.

We chatted on topics ranging from whiskey to energies but the one that stood out, and the reason for this post, is l-carnitine. He uses this in his quest to a better/leaner physique and recommended i do some research into the substance. He highly recommends it.


So, the typical questions:

What is l-carnitine?

L-Carnitine is a substance, manufactured in the liver and kidneys, and stored in the skeletal muscles, heart, brain and sperm. It acts as an antioxidant in the human body – fighting free radicals. Most importantly, it is involved in fax oxidation; helping transport free fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane to be used up as energy.

Where does it come from?

Well, from the shop; go check! So yes, you can get it from the local supplement and health shops; it is a non-essential amino acid meaning your body can produce it – as I mentioned above as well as from certain foods like lean beef, fish, chicken breasts, avocados and various nuts and seeds (among many others).

Why should I use it?

There are many health benefits of supplementing with this, let me name just a FEW:

  1. Weight loss – through greater fat oxidation.
  2. Stronger bones – it slows down the bone loss process through decreased bone turnover.
  3. Kidney aid – if diagnosed with kidney disease your body cannot produce sufficient quantities of l-carnitine.
  4. Male fertility – improved sperm count and quality.
  5. Type II Diabetes – through an increase in glucose oxidation, glucose storage and glucose uptake.
  6. Improved brain function – prevention from ageing and stress.
  7. Stronger immune system – through its antioxidant properties.

So thats just naming a few; please do your research – you are sure to learn of at least one way it can help you.

EFA-3My personal recommendation is to supplement l-carnitine use with an Omega-3 supplement. The reason for this is the improved fat oxidation and increased energy. Your body will be using your fat stores – rather than glycogen – as a fuel source; in the same way the keto diet works.

If this improves the lives of just one person then this post is a success.

Stay hungry, stay happy. Learn. Grow. Live.

Hope you guys have a fantastic week ahead.


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