About Me


Hi Everyone!

My name is Yastheel Kewalpershad. I am a South African fitness and health enthusiast and lover of fashion; the typical “Gen-Y” personality – a millennial! I started my blog with the hope of enriching the lives of my readers through the knowledge gained from practical knowledge, studies and observations.

A little background on myself –  I was born in Durban, South Africa. I was a cricket fanatic; I loved playing the sport although I was quite unfit and overweight. Being a 13-year-old boy wearing a size 32 waist was not in any way helpful to my performances on the cricket field. I was constantly ridiculed by fellow teammates and critiqued by my coaches, asking me to lose weight if I wanted to be any better at the game and take my sport to the next level. Something needed to change – I needed to lose weight if I were to succeed at this sport and make a career out of it.

This is what sparked my interest in the health and nutrition of my body. I am now 23 years of age weighing in at 77 kilograms and still at a 32 waist.

Fashion has always been one of the areas in which I’ve loved to express myself. Growing up, I had a limited sense of style. I had difficulty being socially accepted. Today, I believe I am amongst the most well-dressed men of this world. I will take you through my journey and illustrate my transition and progress through interesting reads on signature fashion and trends.

I spend my days immersed in figures and numbers – a far cry from where my passions truly lie – in the betterment of my body, both internally and externally; as well as the betterment of my fellow man.

I hope you will find my advice and experiences entertaining and useful. I do it for everyone who, like myself, want to improve themselves and live a better tomorrow.


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